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Maintaining Happy Health


This link only touches the surface, try mediation, headspace or your own relaxation technique.

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Your entitlement to success..

​<a href=”http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/234061/unum-anxiety-techniques.jpg”></p&gt;

<p><img src=”http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/234061/unum-anxiety-techniques.jpg&#8221; width=”100%” border=”0″ /></a>This infographic was produced by Unum. Unum helps employers <a href=”http://www.unum.co.uk/stress-work”>manage stress at work.</a>

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Body Language v Motivation of Fathers

Take a look at @totaljobsUK’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/totaljobsUK/status/809371247968747520?s=09
Today, will be a massive spending day under this regime! @marx13
Tomorrow, full employment will be impossible. Why, contracts have no power, nor do the unions.
The will be no leave for some, no milk, just a day of fattening up, for the limited
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