The way to go beyond your personal best !

– Begin with a visualisation that is achievable but gives you the confidence to improve
– Start your race, timed session or trial outing in the way you mean to go on;
i.e. Take yourself up above race pace & settle into a stride that can be maintained
– Do not spin on the spot, power output & true speed is your goal
– During the exercise put in drive phases to lift the performance
– Hit your splits ! The Half way point needs to be a positive stage to boost the whole output
– Foresee your end point, know you are on course to “Smash your best time / distance”
– Feel for a balance & posture that builds on strong technique
– Look for the success you strive for !


Happy in the knowledge that you can win !


Breaking the Cycle

  • Where are you in life,just now?

  • Where do you want to be
  • How to get there
  • There are many ways intervene in times of stress, breakdown or disharmony
  • Learn to adapt quickly – watch your sleep – be careful about your social circle – change your personal environment !!
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