6th Sept _ 18 Sept Business Solutions 1

When suspended with compassion, you see angles beyond the darker side of business.

  • Ways of positively improving your conduct
  • Outsourcing roles, with a unique twist
  • Legal obligations, working within the Equality Act
  • Speaking up for Disability & the associated stigmatism
  • Making your appearance shine

Working within Policy & Procedures , is a practice many of the “Working Class” have to endure.

Working time directives are moving with the times

Enabling services to work towards a virtual working space inc;

♢ Legal provision to guide Third Party Companies & organisations

♢Ways of seeing through the door to run Services, Projects & General administration.

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My Life

My Life

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Ditch Dynamics on Lower Trent Falls

The ditch is holding its’own. The bed in the upper reaches is intact & composed of a rich clay & marl.Its’ fairly dry considering reason rains of late August.
The mid-course of the ditch under the confluence with two others ditches from the East & South, is lined with concrete slabs which increases the run-off onto a local political area of leisure & residents, who have a great impact on the angle of repose leading down to the Trent river bank.
The ditch banks have been recently maintained which will only act as a temporary aesthetic measure. Building should never been granted permission on a sensitive escarpment.
M.Branton. Occ.