My job or my future

Hopefully by being fully exposed by Mental Health services, Occupational Health & Remploy, will enlighten a few to justice, fairness & the unspeakable ills Manic-Depression serves to its owners.

With me as your guide we will stare into the misty abyss 😅 and see the glory of inner survival.

We will strive, emotionally raw into the darkest realms of this coming winter & out the other side in happy places that show no bounds, injustice or preduice.

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Timing of Cosmetics & Minor Operations

Power,skill & determination :: apply that in your nxt match, test or sprint


Look up once in while Look up once in while, it will take your vision into a new realm.

I was fortunate enough this afternoon to sit in on the Governers Panel of North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS. I couple of lawyers, two from Workforce, the British Red Cross rep, Johnaton & a silent lady.

What can be said, Paul Gennil chaired, further invitations to Nic Dakin were declined. Poor show, it remains to be seen if Kingston upon Hull falls into line.

Goole is to be privatised with a coalition from East Riding. So if you’ve got a minor operation soon, ask your bring it forward.

Have a non-powerful seat, I cannot offer your more insight.

I offer you a working class opinion,

Data Flows,

Operational Mind-Maps

Business Models

And Grass Roots protocol


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