Psycho learning   6+1  is   faster   than  6+3  Why?

        Years of research proves that’s the way the brain works !

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Introducing Enterprise

£550 per mth. would stretch an enterprise to the limit Your Virtual Trainer

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Today we are happy to announce a new tier, Enterprise, that brings the best of all of our paid upgrades, including premium themes and Custom Design, and the best of all the built-in VIP features such as 70+ approved plugins which include integrations with top partners such as Flipboard, Chartbeat, and Facebook, and custom JavaScript for $500 a month per site.

Making a landing page, news magazine, company website, or product page? You’ll want to check out Enterprise.

More information about the new tier is available on the VIP News Enterprise announcement postClick on over to the Enterprise announcement to get information about a free trial!

Even if you’re not interested in creating a Enterprise site, we’re sure you’ll want to check out what people are creating with Enterprise. Get a sneak peek at two sites created with Enterprise and live now, Tim…

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